About Synergy2Learn & EduCon 2.4 Conversation Resources

Even a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.

On Saturday, January 28, 2012, an invitation was extended to a group of EduCon 2.4 attendees. At the session entitled “Synergy – Questions are the way points on the path of wisdom,” conversation co-facilitators Bo Adams and Jill Gough asked those present to consider forming a nucleus of a group that would build this Synergy2Learn blog resource for PBL and inquiry-driven learning.

We’ve thrown a stone in a pond, and we’re excited to see the ripples spread. We’ve begun a long journey with a single step. Will you join us? Let’s learn together…in public. We hope to build on the January 28th conversation by utilizing this Synergy2Learn blog as a means for connecting practitioners and learners who are engaging in the exciting journey of PBL. If you are interested in joining this journey and contributing to Synergy2Learn, please let us know.

For a bit more context about the EduCon conversation in which Synergy2Learn was launched, see the post “Synergy – Questions are the waypoints on the path of wisdom #EduCon #Synergy8,” and peruse the resources below that were utilized in the session…


Intended conversation path…

(Google doc to use throughout the conversation: Synergy – Questions are the way points on the path of wisdom)

Stage I:  What is Synergy8?

Stage II: Sharing our stories…

  • How are all of us helping learners catch the “I can” bug for community-issues, problem solving at our various schools?

Stage III:  What if…?

  • What could we create together if we dreamed big and prototyped a design for networking and synergizing our efforts around project-based, community-issues problem solving?
  • How can we use this Synergy2Learn blog to continue our conversation after EduCon 2.4 ends?

Synergy 8 Lightbulb (logo and essential learnings)

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