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A Framework for Designing PBL: Kindezi, Feb. 1, 2012

January 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Through the support of our school, Bob Ryshke and the Center for Teaching, Bo Adams and I connected our learning with the learning and experiences of the adult learners at The Kindezi School.

Part I: Tuesday, October 11, 2011.

The conversation and learning with the full faculty centered around PBL (project-based learning, problem-based learning, place-based learning, passion-based learning, etc.).  Our mediated conversation plan can be accessed on Bo Adams’ blog post, Kindezi – PBL – CFT.  As with many projects, the plan was tweaked and improved in practice by the learners’ choices and voices.  How the conversation and learning evolved is documented on Jill Gough’s blog post, PBL PD – The Kindezi School.

Part II: Wednesday, February 1, 2012.

Framework Plans:

QUICK RECAP of what we did last time [SLIDES 1-7]
[Main point: you are already doing a lot of great stuff! Just seemed you did not yet have a systemic method for sharing and connecting…we recommend that you build and maintain that…you can do it, we can help]
  1. CHALLENGE: In groups of 2-3 people, prepare a 1-3 minute presentation about a PBL example from your current practice? [10 minutes to prep, and you need an “artifact” to show – physical or virtual/digital]
  3. CHALLENGE: How could our PBL examples be connected? [First, on a large post-it note provide a short summary of your PBL example that you shared at the start of the morning. Second, on a small post-it note, record a few thoughts about how you could connect your focus/specialty areas to a PBL example on a one of the large post-its. Third, repeat the small post-it process for other PBL examples.]

BIG QUESTIONS: What big questions do you have about PBL and your use of project time?

  1. Poll Everywhere – post up questions
  2. Post-It/Post-Up BIGGEST, burning question
  3. Affinity Map and Discuss
411 on PBL – Structure and Framework…you asked, “–Is there a step by step “how to” guide for improving project-based learning and making it PBL?”
  1. SLIDES 8-14
  2. Synergy2Learn Blog Resources
A Few Ways to Be Connected
  1. Posterous: Synergy and Learning Walks (Observing, Questioning, Networking)…Setting up Posterous for Kindezi
  2. GOOGLE doc
  3. Bulletin Board & Post-Up in Faculty Room
Brainstorming New Ideas…
Resources: Synergy 8 Slidedeck (via Vimeo and Scribd)

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